Taking the Modern Writing Scene by Storm

Blogging is taking over the internet. It has become a new genre of writing, starting its attack in the early 2000s, with only a few people daring to post their ideas where everyone can see them. Then social media took over, and blogging became a more refined and less-mainstream way for writers to express themselves and their ideas.

So what is a blog?

Blogs vary widely in topic, sometimes ending up on opposite ends of the spectrum from each other. Zoe Sugg, known as “Zoella” in the blogging community, is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle guru. I have read her blog for years, gleaning her knowledge for tips and tricks to use in my life. She writes in a style that is easy to read, and leaves links to tutorials she has created on YouTube. She caters to young women and girls who are trying to take on the world for themselves. Zoe posted a while back about the struggles of dealing with anxiety as a young adult, a post that gained worldwide attention. While Zoe has made it her personal goal to help young women advance their outward beauty, For Reading Addicts is a site devoted to improving the mind through novels. They post everything from a “Word of the Day” and themed reading lists to book reviews and articles on etymology (the study of where words come from). They cater to a wide audience of readers and embrace controversial topics, like local practices of book banning and censorship. Ranging in everything from the comical to the political, this blog challenges its readers intellectually. Yet you cannot be challenged intellectually without some form of education, a topic that Mike Rose finds especially controversial. Education has always be a touchy topic in our society, but this man jumps right into the chaos and makes it very clear on what he thinks of it all. He shows how education is related to the economy, jobs, politics, and social standing. He gives a voice to education in a time when very few are willing to discuss what it actually means.

These blogs are all over the place, covering everything from politics and education to make-up brushes and kitchen crafts. Yet, as a genre, they still share several traits. Each of these writers covers a topic they are passionate about and they stick to it. Mike Rose does not go posting about curling irons, just like Zoe Sugg probably will not write a charged article on public education. For Reading Addicts more than likely will not write about Syrian refugees unless it is in a book review. Each of these writers sticks to their topic, their passion, and that makes the subject matter more intense, more personal. They all incorporate mixed media into their writing as well. Pictures, videos, tutorials, podcasts, social media… Each blog uses more than just writing to get the point across to the audience. Blogs as a genre also have one key aspect that sets them apart from any other kind of writing known to date-they are strictly online. While many bloggers have written books, poetry, essays that have been published and distributed to the public, their blogs only appear online. A strong Wifi connection and a functioning computer are all they need. No publisher, no pen, no paper. Just a keyboard and a screen. This sets blogging apart. All other forms of writing could have and did occur in their own ways, but blogging depends on, and was birthed from, modern technology.

With all this in mind, I only want to express my ideas. What better way to do that than on an international platform that anyone can see? I want to pour out my thoughts onto this webpage and hope someone finds it and is challenged by what I write. I ask that my readers merely consider what I have to say, whether they agree with me or not, because that is education. That is a superior intellect that we have forgotten as a society. Take from this what you will, dear reader, and I hope it makes you wonder.


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  1. I don’t know, I think Mike Rose might be up for the curling iron challenge. Have you seen his hair? 🙂


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