Letter to the President 2016

Dear Mr. President,

You don’t know me, and my name will probably cross your desk in a pile of paperwork and never be seen again, what with the huge task you have of running an entire nation, but I am one of the voices you claim to represent, one of the citizens your campaign proudly declared that you stand for. I am an individual, a person, a human being, and my name is Beth. I am a second year college student studying to become an English teacher.

I have no special qualifications to my name, other than the experience I have had working on the front lines of education as a preservice teacher. I will say that the view from the battlefield is much different from that of the General’s seat. Schools here in America are struggling. The teachers are forced to cater to standardized tests instead of focusing on critical thinking and learning with good scores being a byproduct. Our schools have become capitalist competitors, fighting for grants and funding instead of genuinely focusing on education. Our nation has fallen to 17th in the world when it comes to educational quality. The world is rapidly advancing around us and we are quite simply not keeping up. Our society jumps to conclusions without finding all the facts, a trick most of us learning in the schools that serve as the center and birthplace of our society. It breaks my heart to think that we are becoming a nation of educated ignorants instead of a nation of intelligent intellectuals.

You are our new leader. You have the power to turn this around. It is under your gentle guidance that we can either continue down our current path, tying the hands of our teachers and harming our students and essentially ourselves, or take a step toward a higher level of accessible education in our nation. I ask you, Mr. President, to see what our education system has become. Realize that the only way to a strong society, especially a strong Democratic society, is through a song education system.

Our students’ futures are in your hands.

Thank you,



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