A Brief Thought on Tech in Education

Technology is a huge part of our current society. Most people you will meet have some sort of technological device, such as a smartphone, a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet. These devices place the world and all its knowledge in the palm of your hand, making the answer to any question you may have accessible with a push of a button. Because it is so prevalent, teachers, parents, and students are asking where technology fits in education.

Just like anything in this world, technology has its advantages but can also be very detrimental. It is all about how one uses it and not letting it control the classroom. I personal use my laptop all the time. I use it to take notes, write papers, do research, or even just to look up a word I do not know. My writing course requires that I bring my laptop to class, as we spend much of our time writing blog posts, researching blogs and websites, and posting to social media. There is an entire wealth of knowledge just a click away, and our professor encourages us to make use of that knowledge. It also allows us to share our writing via Google Docs, work collaboratively and quickly, and keep everything neat and tidy.

Cindy, our professor, maintains a good balance between our constant typing and creating personal face-to-face relationships with her students. We may be on the computer a lot of the time, but she places a lot of emphasis on interpersonal connections as well. While technology can be very helpful, we need to understand that real success will not come from our use of technology. It will grow from the connections we make with other people.

We have to be careful that technology does not substitute interpersonal relations. When that starts to happen, we as teachers and students stop thinking for ourselves.We begin to see technology as our only way of thinking instead of trying to figure it out in the real world beyond our WiFi connection.

I personally believe that technology is a wonderful tool in education, as it can expose students to an absolutely enormous world of resources and tools to further their learning. However, I also believe that we need to maintain the human aspect if we can ever hope to grow as human beings. Technology is a double-edged sword. We just have to be careful how we wield it.


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