Teacher as Advocate: Leadership Assessment

I know, I know, I know. An assessment. If you’ve been following along or have talked with me personally on the matter, you know how I feel about assessments. I quite simply don’t like them. I find that they are often inaccurate, badly created, and rarely test one’s actual understanding of a topic. However, I recently took an assessment to see what kind of leader I am. It did not go as expected.

The assessment I took (if you want to take it yourself, and I strongly suggest you do, click here) does not give a score that tells you what kind of leader you are. Instead, it shows you the different aspects of being a leader, where you are strongest, and where you need to some personal work. It also tells you the downfalls of being too strong in a certain area, which is something I found very interesting. We never think of being a leader as a bad thing, but if you do it in a detrimental way, it most certainly can be.

I discovered that I am great at listening to people, creative, understanding, and that I listen to all sides of an argument before making a final ruling. I’m adept at problem-solving and I like to experiment with new ideas. However, I have the potential to lose focus on tasks (queen of procrastination right here), I tend to get really excited about a new project but burn out over time (I have a lot of unfinished projects), and I will become frustrated with tasks that do not seem to fit with the vision of the overall project. I found all of that incredibly accurate, and it helps knowing a little more of who I am as a leader.

This assessment states very clearly that it is designed merely to provide a vocabulary for discussion of different leadership styles. I could not agree more. Communication is key, especially with leadership. Having a way to talk about leadership can help us become better leaders and refine our own skills so becoming a leader is not as hard.

What kind of leader are you?


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