I am a 20-year-old English Education major at Colorado State University who buys books like some women buy shoes, writes articles, and essays for local journals, and enjoys spending long evenings in the dim corners of her local 24-hour coffee shop. I prefer dogs to cats, sneakers to heels, and messy buns to curls. I’m a firm believer in laughter and kindness.

I have never tried my hand at writing a blog, so why on earth am I doing this? Why this blog? Well, as any writer will tell you, our craft is about sharing our passion.  One of my greatest passions is education and the power it has in our society. Education is the bedrock upon which our society was built and continues to draw strength from. In a society centered around violence and argument, education offers equity and understanding. While I am a poet, I cannot put it any more beautifully than a  19th century novelist and playwright named Edward Buller-Lytton, who was the first to create the words around which this blog will center itself. He said simply, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Some of the topics discussed will be difficult to swallow. Some will be light and fluffy and wonderful. All of them are vital if we are to join together on the path that education has laid before us. We will discuss what education really it, what it should be, and what it has become. We will cover how we learn and why we learn. There will be days we talk about what works and what does not work in our education system. All of it can spark a conversation that may open your eyes and allow you to change the world around you.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Let us begin.


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  1. Whoa. This is pretty great. You should quote yourself in your Unfamiliar Genre Project. Seriously.


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